Area Lounge

Area Lounge is a weekly 2h radioshow hosted by Julian M. Even if it’s Nu-disco & Housemusic, mixed in a fine selection of Mellow & Soulful tracks, or Downtempo music ranging from Ambient & Idm to Nu-jazz,Trip-hop & Future Beats, the show features only warm music ! Every edition will be available for re-listening on the official page

EVERY THURSDAY, starting at 9 PM, Julian M will be broadcasting from Cluj, Romania.

Iulian Marius Marcu aka Julian M is a Romanian dj from the coast of the Black Sea, now living in Transylvania, focused mainly on deep-house & lounge music. His favourite tools are the turntables, being quite against mixing software. He loves analog stuff, and music that’s made with soul.

His deep passion for radio started in the early ’90s, and soon merged with his love for electronic music, so he built his own local pirate radiostation in 1998, broadcasting sporadically until the very last transmisions in the summer of 2011. During the years, he collaborated on several radiostations, hosted his own shows, and was a resident dj for many years in different venues, now having more than 15 years experience behind.